Client Testimonials

Megan Wright

Dear John

Having just gone through the photos, I am eternally grateful for your service and your skill.

This is too precious for words.

Please pass them to the funeral home for recommendation, and add my phone number for ANYONE who wants to discuss the issue with a fellow-mourner.


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the photos that you took at my Pop's funeral. He was a wonderful man and loved by many. You captured these moments as well as the celebration of a wonderful life..... Thanks for your wonderful capture of our day. I don't need to remember each detail of the day as I will have them to look at whenever I need to.

Mary Kelliher

I have finally brought myself to look at the photos. I am very pleased with all of them. They really capture the various moments at each stage along the way. Thank you! Also, a few other people commented on the presence of 'a photographer!!' and I have recommended you to them for when the time comes!

Vasily Bill Makeev, Location Manager, Guardian Funerals

I can personally recommend John Slaytor he has taken photos for funerals that I have conducted, he works discretely, never to be seen, and he captures the emotions of the funeral very well.

Bev Ferguson

Our family are delighted with Pop's Remembrance Book and thank John for the discreet and unobtrusive manner in which he photographed then assembled the marvellous photos that truly captured the sadness of Pop's passing and the celebration of his life as expressed by all who attended his memorial service.

Louis Wong

The Remembrance Book has proven to be very useful for our friends and relatives. For those who attended the funeral, they are curious to see the photos and read the content, and for those who did not, the book provides them with a good description of the occasion. In addition, the book often serves as a conversational piece and has brought back many fond memories.

Luke Rankin

It is hard to believe that’s Dads first anniversary is on the 30th March.

This is a great Honour for our Family to have Dads book & Memory  in the NSW State Library.

Your professionalism & quality of this book is outstanding.

Thank You again,   All the best to you.

Melanie Rudewych

I just wanted to let you know that we received the albums & we are very happy with them.

Again, thank you very much for your caring service and professionalism.

All the best, Melanie

Steven English, celebrant at a funeral

What I am about to say will sound like a promotional quote. It is not meant to & is just my observation of your excellent work & approach in an area that is dear to my heart as a celebrant. I've just had a wonderful half hour looking at your web site & at some of your beautiful, engaging, moving & senstive people portraits. What a wonderful record for the family of such a significant event in their lives! As a celebrant I feel privileged to be allowed into the life of a family & to constantly witness some of the most touching moments you could ever see & hear. Your photos capture something of these precious moments & I was barely aware that you were there! Congratulations on being brave enough & sensitive enough to recognize that there is a need for these moments to be captured. Your photos will be a constant source of precious memories for families - not only for current generations but also for generations to come. I would highly recommend your ethos, approach & results & look forward to working with you again in the future.