Funeral Photography

Sensitive funeral photography taken by experienced, discrete and caring funeral photographer.

girl at funeral service

Funerals celebrate and honour a life and deserve to be chronicled.

To a family, a funeral is a time for an extended family to gather together.

To friends, a funeral is a time to reminisce about a friend who enriched those he or she knew.

To colleagues, a funeral is a time to acknowledge the person who helped them in their career.

Funerals are too important not be photographed.

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How The Funeral Photographer Works

John Slaytor, The Funeral Photographer, works with you so that the day will be recorded as you wish. Given his experience, he can also give advice if requested.

All photographic packages offered include:-
1) funeral photography on the day;
2) placing of selected photos in a private viewing area on this website; and,
3) a custom-designed Funeral Photo Book

Copies of the Funeral Photo Book can also be sent to people absent on the day or presented to those who attended as a very special keepsake.

funeral photo book

Funeral Photo Books

A Funeral Photo Book is included in all packages.

The Book preserves the memory of the loved one in a dignified way.

The book contains photos from the day and more. Families often include eulogies and tributes. Poems and songs can also be included.

Families often order  copies of the book for friends and family. One family ordered fourteen books.

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self portrait of John Slaytor

About the Funeral Photographer

John Slaytor has specialised in funeral photography since 2007.

A professional photographer, John Slaytor’s photography has been acquired by Australia’s major institutions including the National Portrait Gallery, the National Library of Australia and the State Library of NSW.

An acclaimed photographer, John Slaytor has been in Australia’s  most prestigious photography competitions including the National Photographic Portrait Prize, the Olive Cotton Prize and the Moran Photographic Prize.