Funeral Photography Testimonials

From Margaret, a client

About her mother′s funeral

“On the day of mum’s funeral when we were blinded by grief, you were our eyes”

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From Harrison, a client

About his daughter′s funeral

“For some people it would be easier to pretend nothing had ever happened and how that might hurt less for some people. For us, on the other hand, it feels painful to forget

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Candid, compassionate and discrete.

My Services

Funeral photography

My funeral photography is discrete and unobtrusive. I never pose people unless asked. I work without flash whenever possible.


Funeral books

I design funeral books which contain photos, family histories, poems, eulogies, family trees and anything else the family wants.


Photography packages

I work with you so that the day will be recorded as you wish. Given my  experience, I can also give advice if requested.


Ideas and suggestions about funerals

Recent Thoughts

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